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OWB Holsters: What's the Difference?

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Outside the waistband holsters are a great addition to any holster collection because of the flexibility they give you in terms of usage. We offer several different styles of OWB Kydex holsters, each intended for different purposes. Understanding the similarities and differences between 3 of our most popular options can be helpful for deciding which of our holsters will best fit into your life.

Outside the Waistband Odin Holster

The Outside the Waistband Odin Holster is our traditional OWB style holster and one of our most popular products. The option is curved to hug your body and works well for concealed or open carry. It is made with 2 sheets of Kydex and has a full sweat guard. The slightly larger surface area helps to maintain balance and make reholstering easier and safer when the holster is being worn towards the back of your body.

This holster is compatible with a long list of gun models, as well as various light options. There are a couple options for attaching this holster to your belt: Malice clips or closed loops. We offer closed loops in 1.5" or 1.75" widths.

Outside the Waistband Odin Holster

Tactical Valknut OWB

The Tactical Valknut Holster is our most popular design for range days and drop leg setups. This holster features a slightly more minimalistic design as compared to the Odin OWB, and it is constructed from 1 sheet of Kydex material. Similar to the Odin OWB holster, this option is compatible with a long list of light and gun models. 

Tactical Outside the Waistband Holster

One of the major differences between the Tactical Valknut and any of the other OWB options is its attachment method. For this holster we offer either the paddle or the RTI #35. The paddle can be worn with any belt, but will also come drilled for Safariland QLS and UBL mounting systems. On the other hand, the RTI #35 is only compatible with G-Code drop leg and belt mount systems. The RTI option will not come with any other hardware to attach it to a traditional everyday belt. We also offer this holster without any clips attached and drilled with a universal pattern that can accommodate RTI, QLS, Bladetech, and many other attachments. 

Mounting Options for Tactical OWB Holster

V2 OWB Slim

The V2 OWB Slim Holster is our most low-profile outside the waistband option. This holster has the smallest surface area, yet maintains all the features of a safe and reliable holster. The holster is similar to the Odin OWB in the sense that it provides a close carry, working for concealed carry as well as open carry. They also have the same clip options (Malice and closed loop) and are constructed from 2 pieces of Kydex.

While this holster is compatible with the same long list of gun models, the biggest difference between the V2 and the other outside the waistband holsters is that it cannot be made to accomodate a light attachment. This is because of the low-profile design. 

V2 OWB Kydex Holster

Which One Should You Choose?

Each of these outside the waistband holster options were designed for different purposes, but have some similarities. It can definitely be a hard decision, but considering how you will plan to use the holster will guide you to the option that is the best fit.

Ask yourself: Are you planning to conceal your holster? Do you have a light on your gun? How do you plan on attaching your holster to your belt?

If you are looking for a holster that can be concealed, the Outside the Waistband Odin or the V2 OWB Slim would be the direction you would want to go. Both of these offer the flexibility of being compatible with concealment and open carry for range days. The Tactical Valknut would not be the easiest to conceal because of the lack of a curved, close carry. However, it does offer the option of working with third party mounting systems that you may already have on your belt. This can give you adaptability and seamless integration of your new holster into an existing setup.

All of our holsters are handmade, can be customized, and have adjustable retention to ensure the perfect fit and draw. 

OWB Holster Comparison

Remember that any holster or carry method is a personal choice and finding what works best for you specifically is a large part of the holster shopping process.

If you are someone who is new to holsters in general, check out this article.

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