Current Lead Time: 20-30 business days (4-6 weeks) for custom orders to ship. Promo Codes cannot be added after order is placed.
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Contact Us/Terms and Policy

For any questions or comments please email us, lead times are posted on header.

We will not respond to any emails that pertain to status of order or current lead time if it falls within our currently posted lead time. 


Our current lead time is 4-6 Weeks on ALL ORDERS, thanks for your patience and continued support.



If you are experiencing issues with package tracking or delivery, please contact the shipping service directly for the most detailed and up to date information. Odin Holsters LLC is NOT responsible for lost or damaged packages. Any instance of a lost or damaged package must be resolved through the shipping provider. We recommend using UPS since they have the best track record. We currently do not offer local pickup, even if you live across the street. Thanks for your understanding. 

Cancellation Fee: 

We charge a 15% cancellation fee on all custom orders. If we have already started building the holster you cannot cancel the order. Please email us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order. 

Warranty Policy:

Holsters do come with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY regarding function. If your holster is scratched, scuffed, or suffers minor damage during use and/or training it will not be replaced under warranty. If parts, screws, attachments, etc. are lost they will not be replaced under warranty either. It is your job to make sure your hardware is good to go. Kydex exposed to excessive heat or deformed due to user error, will NOT be warrantied. We recommend finding your sweet spot on retention and applying some loctite. If your holster needs to be warrantied and replaced, please ship us your old one back, then we will make you a replacement. 

*(Matchweight holsters do not come with a warranty, due to extreme weight, stress and likely misuse of firearm and holsters together). Please note: we will be working on discontinuing matchweight holsters due to Matchweight and HK Compensators proving to cause damage to firearm frames, and no longer support frame mounted compensators. 

Return Policy:

Returns: There are absolutely no returns or exchanges for Custom Holsters due to the build selection or ordering the wrong thing, you are responsible for the selections you make. We build all custom holsters from the ground up to customers wishes and do our best to get the fit right. For major issues please email us with questions.  We have to right to charge any re-stocking fee deemed necessary. 

PLEASE NOTE: **While we do allow customers to build holsters from the ground up using any specifications wanted, not all combinations (belt loop/clips) are comfortable. 

*We are not responsible for you mishandling your firearm, or any safety issues you violate while handling YOUR firearm. We recommend that everyone seek good firearms training and hold themselves accountable for their own actions.*