Current Lead Time: 20-30 BUSINESS DAYS (4-6 weeks) for custom orders to ship.
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Here you will find answers to questions about our kydex holsters, holster shipping time, and other business related questions.

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Business days are Monday-Friday, unless there is a holiday during the week, which will not count as a business day. (Example: 20 business days is 4 weeks in total, a total of 28 days on average.)

Every holster is completely handmade in our warehouse. Because of this, our lead time is stated at the top of our website. If you look at the date of your purchase from your confirmation email you will have a rough idea of when your order will ship. Please do not contact us before the max lead time days has elapsed, since this is precious time spent on making holsters in our queue.

No, if the gun model is not listed we are not able to make your holster.

No, if the light model is not listed we are not able to make your holster.

Yes all our holsters are handmade in Utah, USA.

For our OWB holster we rivet two pieces of kydex together. If you select a pattern for the back sheet, you will be able to orient that pattern to face the gun while holstered, or for it to face your body.

Yes, minimum of 15% whether or not we have started production, to void fee you must contact us within 24 hours of order placement. A 25% fee will be charged after 2 weeks from date of order.

No, unfortunately we can't add the discount after the order has been placed.

We are now offering rushed orders, for $85 we will make your custom order within 5 business days (Mon-Fri, excluding holidays, shipping time not counted). For any orders with multiple items, you will be automatically charged an additional $85 for orders over $250(unless this is a single item or you've already paid), anything less will not be charged an additional fee.

Yes, your firearm will still fit the holster if you do not have an optic or your suppressor height sights installed. We guarantee suppressor height sights up to .46" on our holsters.

No your holster will not work properly without the light mounted on the gun since retention is built around the light for light bearing holsters. We also highly recommend checking the fit of your light to your firearm before placing an order to ensure that light will fit your firearm.

No, we currently do not offer local pickup even if you only live down the road.

The kydex click comes from the pocket created in the trigger guard of a gun/holster. When you add a light to the holster you loose this pocket and not all our holsters will have an audible click. Depending on your light/gun model combo will play a huge role in whether or not you have a click. We still build adjustable friction retention in nearly all our holsters so that they perform as they should.

All of our holsters are made using stock gun molds, meaning if you have a slide/frame/parts that is not factory the holster may not fit properly and you may have fitment issues. Kydex is a thermoplastic that is harder than leather, and will overtime cause wear on your firearm, this can be accelerated if you have cerakote (added thickness) or aftermarket slide/parts.

No, hardware is not covered under warranty. Screws will work themselves out, this is why we recommend you always check your hardware on your holster. Most clips have a mild loctite applied to the screws when we assemble, but screws will overtime work themselves free. We offer specific hardware kits on our website you can buy for additional screws or to replace missing screws.

In order for your WML to fit into your holster there needs to be an opening larger than the circumference of your light. Our holsters have a combat style cut for a full and confident grip. If you have a WML on your firearm please realize that the holster would not work without this large opening. We encourage all users to get proper training with their WML as well as their firearms.

All of our HK USP models which include, USP 45, USP 9/40Full, USP 45 compact, USP 9/40 compact will be built with the GG&G adapter. We do not offer any other rail adapters at this time.

As of August 1st 2022, we will no longer make custom rail position holsters for the adjustable lights such as; Mini 2, Baldr Mini, Baldr S etc. Holsters for these lights will have the same fixed position that you will need to set in order to use the holster properly.

Fabric wrapped holsters was something we offered in the past, but after issues with suppliers and price increases we no longer offer them at this time.

If you order a custom holster from us for a WML or Firearm not listed, you will not be able to return the holster. If you decide to take the gamble on fitment for something we do not offer, that is on you and we are not responsible for improper fitment.