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Please note our lead time and plan ahead for Christmas shopping.
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Here you will find answers to questions about our kydex holsters, holster shipping time, and other business related questions.

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Every holster is completely handmade in our warehouse. Because of this, our lead time is stated at the top of our website. If you look at the date of your purchase from your confirmation email you will have a rough idea of when your order will ship. Please do not contact us before the max lead time days has elapsed, since this is precious time spent on making holsters in our queue.

No, if the gun model is not listed we are not able to make your holster.

No, if the light model is not listed we are not able to make your holster.

Yes all our holsters are handmade in Utah, USA.

For our OWB holster we rivet two pieces of kydex together. If you select a pattern for the back sheet, you will be able to orient that pattern to face the gun while holstered, or for it to face your body.

Yes, minimum of 15% whether or not we have started production.

We currently do NOT offer any rushed orders.

No your holster will not work properly without the light mounted on the gun since retention is built around the light for light bearing holsters.