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Holster Clip Options

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IWB Clip Options


The FOMI clip is one of the most popular choices among our customers. It is sometimes called a "fold over" clip and it is made for inside the waistband holsters. This clip attaches to the holster at the top of the clip, so it does not offer tucking capabilities. Since the FOMI clip is made out of plastic, it is one of the more lightweight and low profile clip options. We offer this clip in either 1.5" or 1.75" to accommodate each belt width.

FOMI Clip for IWB Holsters

Grip Hook Tuckable

A tuckable clip is one that has a longer base and attaches to your holster through that base. Since it is attached at the bottom of the clip, it allows you to tuck in your shirt in the space between the clip and the holster. Tuckable clips have a smaller surface area than FOMI clips and they are popular among individuals who may dress professionally or wear a tucked-in shirt on a daily basis. The hook on the clip is more aggressive than a FOMI clip, making it more secure to the belt. We offer this clip in either 1.5" or 1.75" and they can be added alone or as a pair to your IWB holster. 

Grip Hook Tuckable Clip for IWB Holsters

HLR Discreet Mod 4

The HLR Mod 4 clips by Discreet Carry Concepts are a tuckable style clip made of steel alloy. They are very similar to traditional tuckable clips, but the material allows them to achieve a lower profile, while maintaining an even stronger grip on your belt or clothing. These clips are growing in popularity because of their ability to work with or without a belt. They will keep your holster secure when drawing even when clipped directly on on your pants. This gives you more freedom on what you can wear while carrying, and gives you the opportunity to switch between belted and beltless carry without the hassle of changing your clips. We offer the HLR Discreet clips in a width of 1.5" and they can be added as a pair if you choose.

HLR Discreet Carry Concepts Clip for IWB Holsters


The Monoblock clip is like a crossover between the FOMI clip and the HLR Discreet clips. Similar to the FOMI clip, it is non-tuckable and attaches to your holster at the top of the clip. Similar to other clips from Discreet Carry Concepts, it is made of steel alloy and has a very low profile. This option also works with or without a belt.

Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock Clip for IWB Holsters

Soft Loop

Soft Loop IWB attachments are made out of a flexible, yet strong, material. It functions by wrapping around your belt and snapping shut. The snapping aspect helps to keep the holster securely attached to your belt, while the soft material helps you to achieve more flexible movements while wearing your holster. Soft loops are another low profile option and they are able to be added as a pair if necessary.

Soft Loop Attachment for IWB Holsters

Ulticlip 3"

The Ulticlip is made out of metal, rather than plastic like traditional belt clips. It has a closing mechanism that locks the clip in place and allows it to securely grasp onto fabric. This clip was created with the purpose of functioning without a belt. To use the Ulticlip, you will need to place the fabric you want to attach it to underneath the second layer of the clip. This layer has a small curl to help it achieve a secure grip on the fabric. After placing your fabric underneath the correct layer, close the top layer to lock it in place. The Ulticlip is also tuckable, allowing for your clothing to be tucked between the holster and the Ulticlip. This clip is a popular option among individuals who prefer not wearing a belt.

Ulticlip 3 for Beltless Carry and IWB Holsters

Ulticlip XL

The Ulticlip XL is a larger version of the Ulticlip 3", and it functions the same. The main difference between the Ulticlip XL and the Ulticlip 3" is that the XL can clip over a belt, giving it the ability to work for belted and beltless carry. This clip gives you the option to easily switch between each style of carrying.

Ulticlip XL for IWB Holsters

OWB Clip Options


The DOTS attachment is very similar to the teklok belt clip as it has multiple points of attachment and is adjustable up to a 2" belt. This is the clip that comes with a battle belt bundle on your Tactical Valknut OWB holster. 



The paddle attachment is available for our Tactical Valknut OWB holster. The paddle attaches to the holster at the top of the clip and will attach to your belt by sitting in the space between your pants and your belt. The paddle option also means that your holster will be drilled to work with the Safariland UBL/QLS mounting systems. The Safariland systems are popular and widely available, making the paddle a good option for individuals who may want to use their holster with Safariland gear they already own, or for individuals who are looking for an easy-attach option for their belt. 

Paddle Attachment for OWB Holsters

RTI #35

The second option for the Tactical Valknut OWB holster is the RTI. The RTI #35 hanger is part of the G-Code mounting system. When this option is selected, we add the RTI plate to the holster, which gives your holster the ability to easily lock in place on a G-Code belt mount or drop leg setup. Choosing the RTI means that you will not receive any additional clips or hardware to attach your holster to a traditional belt.

G-Code RTI Hanger for OWB Holsters

Wing Closed Loop

The closed loops are available for the Outside the Waistband Odin holster, and come in either 1.5" or 1.75" to accommodate each belt width. To use this style of clip, simply thread your belt through each loop. Because the closed loops are slightly curved in shape, they help to create a closer carry option that hugs your body. They are the most popular choice for out outside the waistband holster.

Wing Closed Loops for OWB Holsters

Malice Clips

Malice clips are the default option for the Outside the Waistband Odin Holster. This clip is made of plastic and was created to be used with MOLLE/PALS style systems. Malice clips lock once closed and need to be opened using a flat tool, like a knife or screwdriver. The locking mechanism allows them to maintain a secure attachment on your gear. *Updated molle clips as of 2/1/2021 (similar clip but easier to remove).

Malice Clips for OWB Holsters


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