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Getting Started with Concealed Carry

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The world is a crazy place right now, with violent protests and fights for toilet paper. Because of the high levels of unpredictability in the lives of many people, we have seen a spike in the number of people who are interested in learning about personal protection. Many of these individuals are also first time gun owners who may not know where to begin. The decision to carry a gun everyday may seem simple at first, but there is definitely more to consider.

Evaluate Your Mindset

Carrying a gun is not something that should be taken lightly. While the possibility of you ever having to use it seems so far away, recent events have demonstrated that potentially dangerous situations can happen anytime, anywhere. When you make the decision to carry a gun, you are accepting the fact using it most likely means ending someone else's life. You are accepting the fact that if danger arises, you will be ready to defend yourself. An act of violence in this case is meant to preserve life and peace. We should never seek out violence disguised as courage.

Take a Class

Depending on where you live, you may be required to take a course to get your concealed carry permit. This course may also include a live fire portion. Even if your state does not require a course to obtain a concealed carry permit, we still recommend some type of training to help you prepare to defend yourself. Working with a professional, regardless of your current skill level, will always help you improve and become more comfortable handling firearms. Many classes that are specifically focused on concealed carry will put you into certain scenarios with the purpose of helping you learn how to navigate those scenarios that you may face as someone who carries.

Thoughtfully Pick Your Gun

When purchasing a gun for concealed carry, there are some questions to ask yourself: Will I feel 100% confident in my ability to use this gun? Is this a gun that I will trust with my life? Is this a gun that I will feel comfortable carrying every single day? In order to answer these questions, you will need to conduct some research about each of the guns that you are interested in or strongly considering. Go to a local range and rent a few to try out. Ask a friend to let you try their carry gun. Watch some gun reviews online. Do whatever you have to do to make the most informed decision possible. Keep in mind that selecting a gun for concealed carry depends a lot on personal preference - what works well for someone else may not work well for you and that is totally fine. The point of trying out as many as you can is so you can find the best option for your unique needs. With the extremely high demand for guns at this time, it may be slightly more difficult to find what you want, but understanding your options is still essential.

FN509T EDC Setup

Buy a Holster

A high-quality holster is a must-have for anyone starting out with concealed carry. A good holster should be made for the specific gun model and accessory combination that you have - this will ensure a proper fit. Your holster should also completely cover the trigger guard area of your firearm, allowing you to safely carry a round in the chamber. Most people prefer using an inside the waistband style holster for concealed carry, while certain outside the waistband holsters can also be concealed. For more information on holsters, such as an explanation of some of the options you have when ordering, check out our article about holster terminology.

IWB Kydex Holster for FN509T

Practice with Your Carry Setup

When you choose to carry a gun, it is absolutely essential that you are 100% confident in your ability to use that gun. In order to become proficient with your concealed carry gun, you have to train with it. Normally, this means getting lots of range time with your new gun. Unfortunately, ammo shortages have made it more difficult than normal to get range time. This is where dry fire practice is even more useful. While it cannot completely replace live fire, it is a great tool for keeping your skills sharp when you cannot get to the range. It is also important to practice drawing from your holster in order to prepare for the event that you would have to use your firearm in self-defense. Your draw can change depending on the clothing you wear, so practicing with each of your clothing styles will be helpful as well. For example, if you sometimes wear a suit for work, you should practice drawing from your holster while wearing your normal clothes and while wearing your suit. There are so many things we won't be able to control in a potential self-defense scenario, but we can control how we prepare for it.

concealed carry with IWB holster for FN509T

Carry Your Gun Every Day

The whole point of carrying a gun is to be prepared to defend yourself if the need arises, whenever that may be. We do not know when we could end up in danger - it could happen at any time. Danger doesn't wait to strike at only the times when you happen to be carrying. By carrying your gun every day, you will always be prepared to defend yourself. At first, it can feel super uncomfortable to have a gun on you. You do not need to immediately jump head first into carrying 24/7. Before working your way up to carrying every day, try carrying just around the house, and then try carrying on a short outing or two. Eventually you will feel comfortable carrying a gun for longer periods of time. 

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