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WML Selections

Posted by William Fox on
WML Selections

With so many weapon mounted lights available to us, it's hard to know which is going to be the best for your firearm. This is just a short write up for you to keep an eye out for common mistakes when ordering a light bearing holster since so many lights have similar names, but won't fit the same holster. 


A common mistake we see is people ordering a TLR7/a-TLR8/a light options when in fact they have a TLR7/8 sub light. These two share similar names, but the sub is meant for micro compact pistols hence the word "sub" which will be found on the light. 


These are some of the TLR options and differences. They do not share the same shape making them incompatible with each others holsters. 


Another common one we see is O-lights PL-2 Valkyrie and PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie. Both Share the number 2 and Valkyrie, but they are not the same. We strictly call the O-Light PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie, Mini 2 and we do this to help simplify selection. If you have a light that says mini 2 on it, it will not be the standard PL-2. 


These are only a few of the similar named lights on the market. Hopefully this helps identify some of them, and always make sure you are checking the wording on your light. We do not know what is on your pistol and therefore we have you select the correct one. If you do not select the correct light, it is not our fault and no refund will be given in the case of holster issues. Always make sure the light you have or want to get will fit your pistol, just because it sounds like it will fit, doesn't mean they always do. 

 If you do not see the light option that you have in the drop down menu of our holsters, we will not be able to make a holster for you with your light.

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