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Sig Sauer P365-XMacro One Year EDC Review

Posted by William Fox on
Sig Sauer P365 XMacro

In August of 2022, Sig Sauer released the P365-XMacro and since then it has been my daily carry. I'm going to talk about what makes it one of the most popular carry guns today, and who the XMacro is for. 


What Makes the Sig Sauer P365-XMacro Stand Out?

The Sig Sauer P365-XMacro is a compact and lightweight pistol designed for concealed carry. It offers a range of features that set it apart from other handguns in its class. Let's take a closer look at what makes this firearm so special:

1. Unmatched Concealability

One of the standout features of the P365-XMacro is its compact size. With a slim profile and a barrel length of just 3.1" for the comp vesion (6.6" overall), this pistol is perfect for concealed carry. 

Most of the time when I have been carrying it's been in our Odin Appendix Plus holster, this gives me the choice to have an extra mag, or as I prefer a Snakestaff TQ. When I compare it to the standard P365 or XL, the grip is longer making printing slightly more of an issue due to the larger capacity frame. The grip is closer to a standard compact firearm, so if maximum concealment is a priority then this isn't the best option. 

Comfort is where it shines for me, since the frame and slide are all the same width as the standard P365 builds, it doesn't feel that much heavier or bulkier than the other models. I have carried this for 10+ hours at a time, whether on road trips, work, and even motorcycle rides and have not felt that it was too much. Even after a year, I don't see myself switching to another handgun for every day use.  


2. Impressive Capacity

Despite its slim size, the P365-XMacro offers an impressive magazine capacity. It comes with two 17-round magazines, allowing you to carry a total of 35 rounds (17+1). This is a significant advantage over other compact pistols that typically have a lower capacity. 

If capacity is what you are after then this is the best option you'll find for how easy it is to carry. If you compare the 17 rounds to a Glock 17 which also holds 17, the XMacro is on another level for concealment and comfort. Don't get me wrong, the G17 is going to be a lot easier to shoot, though the XMacro for its size does hold its own. 


3. Enhanced Ergonomics

The P365-XMacro features a textured grip that provides a secure and comfortable hold. Its ergonomic design ensures a natural point of aim, reducing recoil and improving accuracy. Whether you have large or small hands, this pistol will fit comfortably in your grip, due to the 3 different grip inserts that can be easily swapped out.

For me I'm using the large back strap which helps me get the grip I want. Everyone is going to be different in this aspect due to hand size and preference. I typically land somewhere in the medium to large gloves for reference, so this is still a small gun. Don't expect to make it feel like a full size, even if you get custom work done to it. 


4. Optic Ready

If you prefer using a red dot sight or other optics, the P365-XMacro has got you covered. It comes with a factory-milled slide, allowing for easy installation of your preferred optic. Red dots enhance target acquisition and improves overall shooting performance. It also moves away from the standard P365 optic plate with the rear sight attached, meaning you can now run a rear iron if you choose (I use the Strike Industries P320 suppressor sights which fit great and co witness with my Romeo). 

I had a Sig Sauer Romeo Zero from my XL that I put on, and since I've never had issues with the Romeo (other than battery life not lasting long) I've kept it on the entire time. An optic isn't a must have, but it definitely helps getting on target faster and with your follow up shots. 


5. Reliable Performance

After a year of extensive use, the P365-XMacro has proven to be highly reliable. It has consistently demonstrated excellent accuracy and flawless functionality. Whether at the range or in self-defense situations (though I have not had to use it in such), this pistol performs exceptionally well. With well over a 1000 rounds put through, I have not had any failures giving me that peace of mind that it will remain reliable should I need it. 

As a range gun, it still falls under the micro compact realm where I find myself reaching for the P320 or the FN 509. Even with the small comp that is built in by Sig, the XMacro still feels closer to a smaller carry gun rather than a full size. With lots of practice I'm sure this is something that most people will get use to and it's still one of the flattest shooting micro compact options. 

The trigger is essentially the same as any other P365 flat face. It's not my favorite trigger in the world and I have shot others that far exceed this one. For example the M&P Shield Performance 4", which is very similar in size, has a much better trigger. Purely my opinion, but there are better triggers out there. 

Overall though, you do get a flatter shooting pistol than any other micro compact that I have shot. There might be others out there, but I have not shot them, and when follow up shots count, I want as much control as I can get. 


Conclusion and Why This Is For You

The Sig Sauer P365-XMacro is a top-tier handgun that excels in both performance and concealability. Its compact size, impressive capacity, enhanced ergonomics, optics-ready design, and reliable performance make it a standout choice for concealed carry enthusiasts. If you are looking for a high-quality firearm that delivers on all fronts, the P365-XMacro should be at the top of your list.

But all of that doesn't mean that it is the right choice for you. 

The XMacro is going to be the go to choice for anyone who is looking for the most capacity, in the smallest package. While grip length does increase to house the 17 rounds, the slim 1.1" width pistol is still easy to conceal compared to any standard double stack option.


- If you prioritize capacity over maximum concealment the XMacro is on top. 

- Flat shooting micro compact, out performs nearly every other pistol in its category.

- You love your double stack, but want the same capacity in a slimmer, lighter package, this is for you. 

- 1913 rail allows you to run more aftermarket lights, instead of proprietary Sig options. 

- Aftermarket parts availability makes it easy to change out what you don't like. 


- XMacro is harder to conceal than a standard P365 or P365XL due to the longer grip or other micro compact options. (Claw on your holster is almost mandatory)

- If you want something with a better trigger, you'll find it elsewhere. 

- Sig Sauer, everything costs more. 

Hopefully some of this helps you decide whether or not the XMacro is going to be your next purchase. For me, it stays as the main carry in my rotation and a big reason for that comes down to the capacity and how close it gets to feeling like a regular double stack compact gun, which is what I've always been used to. I always felt the smaller sibling, P365/XL would always try and flip out of my hands while shooting because the grip is so small and controlling them wasn't as easy. I'm happily willing to sacrifice the added grip size for the added control and confidence I'm looking for in an everyday carry handgun. 


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