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The Valknut Inside-the-Waistband Custom Holster


We created this holster to be different than all the others out there. It has a simple and sleek design, nothing flashy. You carry to protect yourself and those around you from evil. Odin holsters are not a fashion statement, they are functional and durable at a low price. 

-Modwing helps push the grip of the gun into the body for better concealment. 

-08 Kydex used on all holsters. 

-Fully customize your build.

-All holsters have full sight channels. 

-Guns that come stock with a threaded barrel will always have an open cut bottom

- Tuckable clip options will have additional holes drilled to be able to add a second tuckable clip

* Please leave a note if you plan on running comps or anything aftermarket which includes light switches, mag releases etc (comps attached to the rail will not be compatible). 

(Threaded comps will not be covered, holster will have more material trimmed)





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