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Gungnir Level 2 Custom Kydex Duty Holster


Keeping to our Viking roots this is Gungnir which belonged to the God Odin, pronounced (GUNG-neer). 

This custom level 2 retention strap offering comes in a more robust .093 kydex which is thicker than our standard holsters. This custom holster is handmade, hand pressed to be customized to the users needs. We only offer it in select number of options as seen in the drop menus. These are made to order and will only be offered in limited quantities per month.

- Drilled with our universal pattern to fit most aftermarket attachments. 

- 093 thick kydex for better durability and stiffness. 

- Level 2 push down button strap.

- Handmade and pressed in the USA.

- Adjustable retention and fit to accommodate a variety of sights. 

- Hardware kit included with screws/posts for mounting purposes, some attachment systems will need spacers which will be included in the kit (don't throw away).

- All hardware will have loctite on it (to remove apply light heat), does not apply to retention screws. 

- Compatible with QLS

***if your gun or light option is not in the drop down menu, we cannot make you this holster***

**If your gun comes stock with a threaded barrel (Tactical versions) it will have an open cut**

** RTI systems are G Codes Proprietary belt mounts, all drop leg and/or belt loop options not included.**

*Hammer fire firearms are designed to fit with hammer down*


* Please leave a note if you plan on running comps or anything aftermarket which includes light switches, mag releases etc. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Repeat customer

I’ve order multiple holsters over the years. This time I ordered two of the level 2’s together, the build quality is top notch, but I don’t like the multi-cam kydex, it looks kind of cheap, and I’m just disappointed with the look of that one. Quality of the build is great though.

Best Duty Holster!

Love it, zero issues and perfect fit.

I need one ASAP…

When will these be back in stock? I found you guys recently and am very interested in this holster for my Walther PDP 4.5. Please get in touch with me ASAP. Thank you.

Great Holster

I purchased my Gungnir in Oct for my FN FNX 45 and recently just received it and I have been impressed and happy with its construction, appearance, and function. The hood release is snappy and not sticky quickly returning to its position. The weapon draws smoothly from the holster and returns well. It's a great product and I will be returning for more items.

They get it right!

Gone through many holster companies and will no longer guy from any of them. Odins holster are the best quality I’ve experienced this holster fits my fnx tactical like a glove. Drawing and reholstering is made easy.
Many more pistols. Many more Odins.