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Gungnir Level 2 Custom Holster


Keeping to our Viking roots this is Gungnir which belonged to the God Odin, pronounced (GUNG-neer). 

This custom level 2 retention strap offering comes in a more robust .093 kydex which is thicker than our standard holsters. This custom holster is handmade, hand pressed to be customized to the users needs. We only offer it in select number of options as seen in the drop menus. These are made to order and will only be offered in limited quantities per month.

- 093 thick kydex for better durability and stiffness. 

- Level 2 push down button strap.

- Handmade and pressed in the USA.

- Adjustable retention and fit to accommodate all sizes of sights. 


***if your gun or light option is not in the drop down menu, we cannot make you this holster***

**If your gun comes stock with a threaded barrel (Tactical versions) it will have an open cut**




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