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FN 509 Tactical Quick Ship IWB Holster Right Hand



Using new tooling we are able to make these holsters faster and more consistent for your everyday concealed carry. Also, Optic cut ready for your red dot. This is an IWB Holster and  is the perfect Holster for the job. 100% Made in the USA. Kydex holster.

- Fits 509/Tactical/Mid/Compact/Compact Tactical

- Adjustable retention

- Covered bottom for threaded barrel

- 1.5 or 1.75 fomi clip with adjustable cant

- Ships 2-3 business days

We aren't able to customize these holsters in anyway as they are a quick ship product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect for my need!

Stumbled on this holster while doing a search for my FN 509c tactical....figured I would give it a go....WOW, I was impressed by the fit/finish AND it accommodated my vortex venom red dot...100% satisfied and you will be as well...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

509t holster

I absolutely love this! It is way better than my previous holster. It is very durable and easy to conceal. The only downside is the back that goes against your body can be a bit uncomfortable if you don’t have an undershirt but regardless, best holster I have got yet.

Mr. B
Like a high quality glove

I'm late to writing this review, I've had the holster for awhile now. For starters the shipping was not super quick but much much faster than a custom order and the fact I ordered on a Friday also should be considered, it was about 1.5 weeks and I had it in hand. I am currently using a custom Odin Holster for my FN509T when I run a light, fantastic fit and finish, it is easily the best holster (kydex) I have for my 509T. I wanted something lighter for those bright sunny days im at home and need to run some errands and don't wanna mess with a weapon light so I got the Quickship 509T (FDE/Optic cut) and when I slid the weapon in there a very audible pop/click was produced...the pistol was IN THERE and I mean very snug. I couldn't be more pleased with the craftsmanship and quality, I even attempted to shake the pistol out of it, flipped it over and tried to get it to come out by swinging the holster (obviously with a cleared weapon). It held true and is very comfortable during my daily outings or just on my waist around the house. This is my 4th holster from ODIN, many more to come, next being a comp carry for my HK p30L and an OWB for my 1911. Great holsters, great prices for the quality, and its owned and operated by VETs, its like the perfect holster vendor for my needs.

Extremely slow shipping, extremely high quality holster

Despite being a quick ship item, it took over two weeks for the holster to arrive. Once received, easily one of the best high qualities holsters I've had.