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Walther PDP Compact Review

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I think I can speak for most people in the gun community when I say that it is always exciting when a new gun is released that has the potential to compete with some of the popular existing options for concealed carry guns. After receiving many requests for the Walther PDP, we knew that we had to get our hands on one. With the current state of this industry and the increased level of demand for anything gun-related, it was a little bit more difficult than we were expecting. We were finally able to find one and everyone at Odin Holsters was excited to get some time with it. Each person from the office was given the opportunity to shoot and carry the PDP for the purpose of sharing multiple perspectives in this review.

The Walther PDP for Concealed Carry


I was pleasantly surprised by the PDP. My favorite aspect was the trigger pull - it was lighter than I was expecting and wasn't "mushy". The ergonomics of this gun were great as well, with it feeling very comfortable and natural to hold. It comes with three different sized backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes. I ran it with the smallest backstrap, but I wish I had gone with the medium to help me achieve a higher grip and reduce the small amount of flip that existed for me out on the range. For concealed carry purposes it was pretty similar in size to my Glock 19 and had the same 15+1 capacity. I have concealed a Glock 19 before so it was definitely possible for me to carry the PDP Compact IWB. As a woman who is on the thinner side, it does require more effort for me to dress around this gun, but I see the potential it has to be an everyday carry gun. I personally prefer my Glock 48 for daily carry because of the slimmer profile which requires less effort to conceal. One last thing I want to touch on is the grip texture. It is great for the range, but I found it to be a little bit irritating for my skin when carrying inside the waistband. This was easily fixed by wearing a layer of clothing between the grip of the gun and my skin, but it is something to be aware of. 

Walther PDP for Women's Concealed Carry


I usually carry a Glock 43X in the Valknut IWB Holster, so for me, the PDP felt a little bit too big to conceal for EDC. Because of this, I went with an outside the waistband holster when carrying the PDP. It was a little bit difficult to conceal OWB with just a t-shirt over it, but I think this gun has great potential for IWB concealment for some people or OWB concealment in the winter. I thought the gun was enjoyable to shoot and dry fire, especially because of the lighter trigger pull and the more aggressive grip texture. The gun does appear to be kind of thick - it almost has a chunky look to it. However, the ergonomics were spot on and I felt good about shooting and carrying this gun.

Walther PDP Compact with Kydex Holster


I typically appendix carry the Polymer 80 PF940C, which is similar to the PDP size-wise, with both having a capacity of 15+1. It worked well for me in terms of concealment, but I can see the potential for it to be too bulky for some people, especially if they are carrying it with a weapon-mounted light. I think Walther did a lot of things right with the PDP. They took into consideration all of the upgrades that people typically make on carry guns, and most often Glocks. They added aggressive front serrations, an optic plate, and an upgraded trigger, taking away the need for people to spend additional money on upgrades. This approach is different from what most companies in the industry are doing. They did a great job with the ergonomics of the PDP, making it able to fit the hands of a lot of different shooters. I would recommend it as an option for those that are newer to guns as it was pretty easy to control when shooting. The grip texture was a really nice feature for me. I am comfortable with the aggressive grip texture of the PF940C and the PDP was similar in the level of aggressiveness. The only complaint I have about the PDP is that I wish it had a left-handed / ambidextrous magazine release. Overall, I am giving the PDP a thumbs up.

AIWB holster for Walther PDP Compact


I carried the Walther PDP for three weeks in the appendix carry position using the Valknut IWB and the Kompis. The first thing that I liked about it was the fact that it is pretty light-weight for how large of a gun it is. I thought the ergonomics were insanely good, making it easy to draw from a concealed holster and get on target quickly. The 15 round capacity is solid for concealed carry and makes it a competitor in the carry gun segment of the market. The PDP does not print as much as I thought it would compared to the FN 509 Compact Tactical that I typically carry, which has a smaller grip. It has an excellent trigger right out of the box and does not require an immediate upgrade like many of the popular guns on the market. On the other hand, there were some things that I disliked about it. The slide is wider than many of the other carry guns available. It can feel a little bit bulky for concealed carry even though it is not very heavy. I did not like the sights that it comes with, but having a Glock sight channel makes it easy to swap out and find something that I will like better. The serrations also felt a bit too aggressive for my liking. All things considered, it is a solid gun that I would choose over the Glock 19 or an M&P.

Kompis holster for Walther PDP


I carry either a Glock 22 or the Taurus PT709 Slim. I mostly carry outside the waistband, but will occasionally carry inside the waistband. I tend to choose my carry setup based on my plans for the day. I carried the PDP in the Outside the Waistband Odin Holster. I found it to be kind of difficult to conceal as a bigger guy. The slide is wider than my Glock so it felt bulky to me. I don't usually like to make too many upgrades to my guns so I like how the PDP doesn't require any upgrades to be made before using it for concealed carry. I did have fun shooting it as well. The trigger is very light, which initially took me by surprise, but I ended up really liking it. I think the PDP is a good gun, but it does not beat my Glock.

Glock 19 vs Walther PDP

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The Walther PDP Compact and 4.5" are now available for order on most custom holster builds, including the Level 2 retention holster

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