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Fabric Options

We offer an outer layer fabric wrap in select options. We use the same kydex materials as we would if we didn't glue the fabric on meaning any of the color options will be compatible with the fabric. Some of the benefits of getting the fabric on the outside of the holster is an added thickness and stiffness to that holster, along with some scratch resistance to the holster. The fabric has a water repellent coating on it from the factory so we do not stick our logo on these options. 

If you choose to get fabric on your holster, please keep in mind that maintenance is required to keep the glue down on the edges. We trim the edges and use a lighter to seal the glue, which is a 3M adhesive we use during the molding process for a better result, rather than applying the fabric afterwards. No matter what, due to the nature of fabric and the glue, the fabric will come off unless regularly maintained. The fabric does not come with any warranty on it because of this normal wear and tear. You may also see bubbles and creases, which is perfectly normal since fabric doesn't form the same as kydex.  

Anyone who orders the fabric option and a custom kydex option, like the American Flag, will have the flag on the inside of the holster. Any custom print will be made showing on the inside rather than outside if you select the fabric. 

We do not offer fabric options for the inside of the holsters or inside the waistband models at this time. 


 Tropic Multicam

 Arid Multicam

 Black Multicam 

 Original Multicam

 Woodland Camo